Cain + Abel: The Genesis

I do apologized for not following as much with my blog. Busy, busy, busy and also I’m not really good with words but I’ll try so bear with me here. Of course, I haven’t forgotten, I will still talk about the chakras, how it affects us and the meaning of each stone that corresponds with each chakras. For now, I’m just doing more introduction regarding my store. A lot of people are asking why I named it Cain+Abel. To be honest, not much deep meaning into it, I think the name sounds bad ass. Another thing is if you know the story of Cain and Abel, it is mentioned in the Book of Genesis that they are the first two sons of Adam and Eve and of course in every story, there’s an ending and this one ends tragically. Cain killing Abel depicts the good and bad in the humanity. That there are negative and positive attributes within ourselves that helps us decides which way we should go. Just like the chakras, there‘s positive and negative energies that vibrates around us. And this energies influences our mindset, actions, emotional health and behaviour. We will dive more into it in the coming days. Going back to Cain and Abel, so polar opposites like yin and yang. Every jewelry pieces that I make helps us tap that positive vibrations and offset the negativity that surrounds us. And that’s how Cain+Abel was born. Funnily enough, I actually don’t wear jewellery as much and if I do, I like to wear something that has a sentimental value or has a meaning attached to it. There you go folks, that’s it for me today. Please let me know your thoughts, you can leave your comments or feedbacks below. Have a great day. Namaste!

Light and Love,


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